The United States currently has over 21 million U.S. military veterans.  With the ongoing Global War on Terrorism, the number of veterans will continue to increase.  Numerous veterans return home from war with many problems and continue through life struggling from these difficulties.

The U.S. Veterans Support program assists and supports U.S. military veterans in need who are suffering from one or more of the following:

  • Homelessness

  • Unemployment

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Combat related injury (physical and/or mental)

  • Substance abuse

  • Addition

  • Risk of suicide

  • Financial distress

The program’s support focuses on veterans with problems described above, but does not limit its support for veterans only based off of the list.

Depending on resources The Patriot Call Foundation has at any time, the foundation will utilize a systematic approach to helping veterans in need.  The approach is conducted in the following:

  • Identify the veteran in need; either by the Foundation becoming aware of the veteran, someone with knowledge of the veteran contacts the Foundation about the veteran, or the veteran contacts the Foundation.

  • Gain a full understanding of the veteran’s issue. If the veteran needs immediate assistance, the Foundation will contact an emergency service for the veteran or the Foundation will collect the veteran and get the veteran in a secure location

  • The Foundation will locate the best facility or organization, either public or private, to help the veteran, and coordinate with the facility or organization on behalf of the veteran. For example, depending on the veteran’s needs, the Foundation will coordinate with a homeless shelter, rehabilitation center, medical clinic, or employment center for the veteran and schedule the veteran to enter the facility or organization or gain an appointment.

  • The Foundation will purchase or obtain immediate resources the veteran may need at the time, such as clothes, food, a hotel room to allow the veteran to get cleaned up, etc.

  • Transport the veteran to the facility or organization, if required.

  • Pay for the facility or organization for treatment, counseling, or other services, depending on the veteran’s needs, when resources are available for private facilities and organizations.

Steps in the process are only applied to where they are required to help the veteran.

U.S. military veterans served us, now let us serve them.  Help The Patriot Call Foundation support and assist veterans that are in need in America.

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