Care Packages To U.S. Troops Program

The U.S. military will continue to deploy overseas to combat zones to fight for our freedom.  While they are deployed, they often must operate from austere and remote locations.  The only way they are able to obtain basic personal items, such as toiletries, is through care packages.  The Patriot Call Foundation will continue to support the U.S. troops by sending them these items in care packages.

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U.S. Veterans Support Program

The U.S. has millions of U.S. military veterans dating back to World War II and the number of new veterans will increase as the wars against terrorism continue.  Many of these veterans return home from war to face continuous uphill battles in civilian life.  The U.S. Veteran Support is a program to provide support and assistance to the many U.S. Veterans in need.

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Promoting Patriotism

The Patriot Call Foundation believes that the United States of America is the greatest country on Earth.  The Promoting Patriotism program is established to promote patriotism by developing and hosting community events, supporting patriotic themed parades and events to assist them in maximizing their capability, and conducting pro-America marketing messages.

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Downrange Programs

As The Patriot Call Foundation grows and obtains enough resources to support growth, it will continue to develop new programs to support its overall mission.