Imagine the following scene.  You go to brush your teeth when you are getting ready for bed and realize you are out of toothpaste.  You get in your car and make the quick trip to the store for a new tube, soon in bed with brushed teeth.  Problem solved.

U.S. military service members serving on the frontlines do not have that same luxury.  The U.S. military provides them with ammunition, food, and some basic other basic items.  However, once they run out of their essential personal items – that is it for them.  They do not have a local store they can drive to and replace soap, deodorant, or toothpaste, to name a few.

The Patriot Call Foundation has created the Care Packages To U.S. Troops program to provide support to U.S. troops deployed on the frontlines with basic essential items they depend on and are unable to quickly purchase and acquire on their own.

The care packages will include over thirty items each, and include items such as toiletries, baby wipes, socks, patrol energy snacks, batteries.  The packages are designed in such a way so that each package can provide support and supplies independently to one military service member.

The items for the care package were selected from U.S. military veterans who served in austere locations deep in the mountains in Afghanistan and operated from small combat outposts with limited resources, such as showers, and no access to a post exchange to resupply basic personal items being sent in the packages.

Just like many military troops deployed today, when these veterans operated in Afghanistan, they relied on care packages with items such as baby wipes to use in place of no showers and a resupply of toothpaste to so they can brush their teeth.

To put it in perspective, these veterans were not able to take their first shower until several months into their deployment in Afghanistan.

This is why it is important for us to continue to put together these care packages and send them to U.S. military troops still fighting in war.

The exact type of items sent in the care packages will be altered over time to meet the current needs of deployed military troops based on their feedback when it is provided.

The U.S. military will continue to deploy overseas to combat terrorists and other enemies of America.  They are fighting for us and to defend our freedom.  Let us continue to support them.


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