The Patriot Call Foundation Ships First Set Of Care Packages In Support Of Its Care Package Program

Care Package - 2.jpg

The Patriot Call Foundation shipped its first set of care packages overseas on Feb. 12 in support of its “Care Packages to U.S. Troops” program, which is established to send care packages to U.S. military troops deployed in combat zones overseas.

The care packages were filled with critical personal items that are difficult for the deployed troops to get on their own due to their operating locations, which included toiletries, baby wipes, energy snacks to take on patrols and other mission, batteries, etc. 

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Over thirty different items were placed in each package, so that each package on its own could provide adequate supplies to one military service member.

One care package set.

For more information on the care packages and the items selected for the care packages, please visit the Care Packages to U.S. Troops program.

The ability to send the first shipment of care packages was made possible by the generous donations from the public.  About half the donations were made directly to The Patriot Call Foundation on the website, and the other half was made through individuals setting up Facebook Fundraisers to raise money for the foundation.

Click the link for more information on The Patriot Call Foundation’s Facebook fundraiser page:

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When or if The Patriot Call Foundation receives comments and other feedback from the recipients of this care package shipment, to include photos, we will share those on The Patriot Call Foundation’s website, social media pages and via an email newsletter.

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